Chimney Cleaning Service

We do chimney cleaning and can set you up on an annual chimney cleaning service.  We will come out to your home each year and do an annual cleaning of your chimney.  Peace of mind that your chimney is clear of all deposits in the flue.

Chimney Video Scans

Having chimney problems?  The best way to look for problems is our chimney video camera scan.  It's a first hand close up look at what going on down the chimney?  More questions?  Give us a call today for more information on our chimney scan service.

Masonry Repairs

We do all kinds of fireplace masonry repairs including:

  • Tuckpointing
  • Waterproofing
  • Crown replacement and repairs
  • Spray and parge of smoke chambers

Flue Liners and Masonry Repairs

Need some chimney repair work done?  We do all types of chimney repairs!

  • Chimney cap repairs and replacment.
  • New flue liners.
  • Fire arrestors.
  • seal cracks and leaks.

Missing the use of your fireplace?

The Chimney Guy Annapolis can take care of that for you!  Give us a call for your chimney service or chimney repairs.  The best time of the year is late summer or early fall.  You will be nice and warm this coming winter season.